Usage of Raptor II laser tag system

A Laser Tag System That is Ready to Use Immediately!


Switch on the laser tag system and let the laser game begin!

We ship the Raptor II laser tag system ready to use. The factory program in the guns is always accessible, therefore you can start playing the very minute you receive your laser tag equipment. There is nothing else to do but switch the rifles on and start the game!

Along with the custom configurations, you can easily reach the factory program anytime. Start up the factory game with the Remote control.

  Switch on the Raptor II gun and let the game begin!

Usage of Raptor II laser tag system

Easily Accessible Factory Programs


Upload different configurations to the guns with the Intager Game Manager. 

To give you ideas, and to make it easier, several pre-configured games are available in the IGM. No need to do anything, but pick one.

To spoil you more, we send new Intager games with the free updates! Modify the Intager games if needed in any way you fancy.


Usage of Raptor II laser tag system

Custom Configuration - Set Up Your Own Game


Write your own roles (e.g.: soldier, sniper, birthday person, etc.) and use them later with just one click.

Create your own games, set the time spans of the game, allow or not the friendly fire and set a whole lot of smaller details, which can make your work easier and the game more enjoyable!

Use the prepared games later with a few clicks, or re-configure them simply, and easily.


Usage of Raptor II laser tag system

Free IGM and Updates



Those who buy Raptor II laser tag equipment can already download Intager Game Manager at no charge. Thanks to the high budget software development, IGM gives professional help in everyday work/play. Spare thousands of EUR with the free download!!!

Besides with continuous and high quality support, receive the latest versions simply, quickly with no additional cost. With the new updates we send you new player roles and complete games - all this for free of course!


 Free Intager Game Manager and update.

Usage of Raptor II laser tag system

Professional Game Statistics


Display, print and mail the players' and the games' statistics (Hits, shots, damage, efficiency... etc.), with your own logo, company details, and awards (Most hits, most shots, biggest damage, most efficient... etc.) too.

Játék statisztikák

No Cables - Wireless Communication

Between the Headset and the Gun

Rádiós kommunikáció a puska és a fejpánt között

Between the laser gun and the headset there is a wireless communication. The players aren't bothered with cables, they don't get entangled in them. You don't have to replace the ripped out, damaged or corroded cables daily either. 

The headset registers the hits and sends a radio signal to the gun, it also informs about the low battery charge, and if you're out of the game.


No Cables - Wireless Communication

Between the Guns

Wireless communication between the laser guns!

Besides the infra shooting, the gun communicates with the other guns by radio.
If my gun successfully hits someone, my gun gets a radio signal and plays a loud hit feedback sound.
If I get hit, then my gun will send a hit feedback to the other player.


No Cables - Wireless Communication

Between the Guns and the Adapter

Wireless connection between the laser gun and the programming adapter what is connected to the computer.

Upload complete game settings from the computer to the gun with IGM.

Change the guns' settings during the game, from the computer; revive players, or give ammo and health, etc.
At the end of the game download full, personal statistics too.

The programming adapter is responsible for all this. It handles the fast and effective wireless connection between the computer and the laser tag guns.


Components of Intager Raptor II System


Overview of the Raptor 2 laser tag system



Components of Intager Raptor II System

The Gun


  • 150m shooting range in direct sunshine
  • 7 levels variable shooting range (from 10m to 150 m)
  • Hit feedback with sound signal
  • Every tube is calibrated by camera 
  • Grenade launcher
  • Completely cable free, wireless statistics download 
  • Statistics by players' names
  • Optional sounds
  • 1 kg!
  • Battery life up to 20 hours 
  • Outdoor and indoor settings 
  • Free software


Learn more about the clip, ammo, shield, life, shooting damage, support, medic, and a lot of other functions of the laser tag gun: here!A puska

Components of Intager Raptor II System

The Headset

Intager fejpánt
  • Records the hits in 360 degrees
  • Wireless communications with the rifle, no cables
  • Light and durable
  • Protected sensors and LEDs
  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • Normal or set on a helmet

 Learn more about the headset here.

Components of Intager Raptor II System

IGM - The Intager Game Manager

  • Free laser tag software
  • Simple download
  • Can be used in network, works on Windows and Osx.
  • Player statistics by name
  • Automatic and free updates
  • Indoor and outdoor laser tag settings 

Numerous options, incredibly simple.  Learn more about IGM here


Reasonable Price


Intager manufactured the entire Raptor II laser tag system with all accessories in a 10 set package at a very reasonable price which is a great help for all enterprises, especially for the new ones.

With hard work, and at a high cost we developed Intager Game Manager, in which the four basic modules are free to download, even when buying only one lazertag gun from Intager Ltd. The continuous updates are free too!

Intager on a reasonable price!



We Provide Quick Help


Intager Ltd. as a laser tag manufacturer, provides fast and effective help for all their users! 

Contact us by mail, or Skype; our colleagues will answer your every question and request promptly. We ship the lasertag equipment from stock, and when it comes to repairing, nobody does it faster. 


Intager provides quick and reliable support!


Feedback & Comments

  Feedback & Comments  

Part of Intager's quick support is the Feedback & Comments module which is a built in function in Intager Game Manager. The Feedback & Comments module helps the user to send in their feedback about the occasional errors of the IGM to Intager's central database, together with the data that helps the work of the programmers and developers to fix the problem.

Read more about the Feedback & Comments function here.



Local Support


Local support for Intager laser tag systems

    Local support in:

  • Netherland
  • France
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • And more is coming!


1 Year Warranty


Intager Ltd. is a laser tag manufacturer, which provides 1 year warranty for its laser tag equipment. The warranty is valid with the invoice and serial number. During the warranty period Intager Ltd. repairs, or replaces the damaged product as long as it's used correctly.

1 év garancia

Raptor II is a flexible, mobile, and variable laser tag system

Raptor II is a Complete Laser Game System With All the Necessary Elements

A teljes rendszert pakold be a kocsidba és 10 perc alatt bárhol startra kész lehetsz.

You have a field, but you have to install the system somewhere else - with Raptor II it is not a problem.

The entire system can fit in 1-2 bags. We make the transfer of the system easy and simple. Do you have to provide service at a different location, e.g. corporate event? Pack the whole system in your car and install it in 10 minutes regardless of location.